Top Tips For Maintaining A Clean Home

It is fair to say that cleaning isn’t necessarily the most fun past time, however, it is essential to stay on top of to ensure that your home doesn’t just look its best, but that it is hygienic and germ-free too. Many homeowners think that it takes an awful lot of effort to keep their home sparkling clean all the time, especially when they have children, but really the secret to maintaining a clean home is to do a few simple tasks every day. 

Of course, if you let clutter and mess get out of control, then it will always take longer to clean, so it is actually a much better use of your time to do a handful of chores on a more frequent basis. So, to help anyone who is currently spending a whole day at the weekend trying to make their home tidy and clean, below are a few tips that will make your home looking as good as new the vast majority of the time possible.

Have the right cleaning products

You can easily make cleaning your home much less hassle by investing in the right products. For example, if you have wooden floors, getting a spray mop kit and the right floor cleaner can make general floor cleaning incredibly straightforward and less time-consuming. So, start by updating your cleaning cupboard and ensuring that you have the best products to hand.

Keep your surfaces clutter-free

Whether this is the kitchen worktops or your lounge coffee table, the same rule applies. Ideally, try to ensure that you’re keeping your everyday surfaces clutter-free and putting odd bits and bobs away instead of letting them take over. Ultimately, if you have a clear surface, you’re more likely to wipe it down frequently as it will be quicker and easier to do so.

Stop saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’

This is probably one of the most frequent sayings that come out of homeowner’s mouths when it comes to cleaning and often it is in relation to the most simple jobs too. Doing things like clearing the table and loading the dishwasher, or even just taking glasses from the bedroom to the kitchen, when you think of them will prevent a build-up of jobs to do the next morning.

Tackle one room at a time

Often, it is the thought of cleaning your whole home that makes the job so daunting, but if you break things down and move from room to room, it won’t seem so bad. It is often beneficial to start in the rooms that need the most work, like the kitchen and bathroom, getting them out of the way first will make the rest of your home feel like much less effort.

Make cleaning feel like less of a chore

Your mindset plays such a big part in cleaning your home and if it feels like a boring job, you’re more likely to keep putting things off. So, try to put a fun spin on things and distract yourself whilst you get the job done. Why not put on your favourite playlist or a podcast, you could even count your steps and class the cleaning as a workout if this will motivate you.

Keep basic cleaning products in every room

Many have a cleaning cupboard somewhere in their home, but by simply ensuring that rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen have basic cleaning supplies in them, you’ll be making it much easier and quicker to give the rooms a once over. You should make cleaning as convenient as possible for yourself, you are then more likely to keep on top of the small things every day.  

Keeping your home clean

All in all, whilst cleaning might not be something you enjoy and there are hundreds of things that you’d rather do, there are definitely ways that you can make it much easier for yourself and hopefully, the tips above will help you to maintain a clean home. It goes without saying that there is no better feeling than relaxing in the evening knowing that your home is clean and tidy, so a little bit of work daily is definitely worthwhile and will improve your overall quality of life.

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