The Importance Of Using Door And Window Sealer

When refurbishing your bathroom, it is likely that you will spend a lot of time going over the final design and ensuring that every single detail is perfect. Whilst this is good to do to ensure that everything is right, arguably, the most important part of any project is the installation of new products. During this part of the process, there are a number of essential things to remember and it is incredibly important to make sure that nothing is overlooked.

One thing that can commonly be forgotten about or put to the bottom of a ‘to-do list’ is sealing around any doors and windows. This finishing touch is much more important than people realise and it is something that you shouldn’t put off doing, whenever you’re redecorating and especially in a bathroom or wetroom. All homeowners should purchase some high-quality bathroom sealant and below is a list of reasons why it is always important to use this before you declare a project finished.

Keep the room from getting cold

The main reason why sealant is used around windows and doors is to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. You can trust that when you use a sealant, it will help to prevent any draughts from getting into the room and make it much easier for you to keep the space at a comfortable temperature, no matter what the weather is like outside. As you may expect, using a sealant will go on to prevent higher energy bills too.

Prevent any damage being caused

Think of a bathroom sealant as an additional layer of protection, it will help you to prevent any damage being caused to your new windows and doors. The bathroom is a high humidity area and the moisture in the air can go on to cause problems if you don’t take the required precautions. Over time, this moisture will be absorbed by your windows and doors which will then go on to damage them in a number of ways.

Increase the lifespan of new products

There is no denying that new windows and doors are a big investment and it is important to ensure that you’re taking care of them. By simply using a high-quality silicone sealant you can help to prevent common problems such as warping and bending. You will be able to effectively slow down their deterioration and ensure that you’re elongating their lifespan. This can help to prevent the need for repairs and replacements too.

Reduce problems with mould

If you have ever had problems with mould and mildew before, you will know that it can grow quickly and become quite expensive to treat correctly. If moisture and mould build up inside your windows and doors, it will likely spread to the surrounding walls and floors. By using an antimould sealant, you can reduce problems in this regard. Bathrooms are known for commonly experiencing issues with mould, so you should do all you can to avoid this.

Use the sealant elsewhere too

It is also worthwhile pointing out that bathroom sealant shouldn’t just be used on your windows and doors in this room. It is essential that you use a silicone sealant on the joins around your bath, shower tray, sink and other plumbing fixtures too. This is incredibly important to help prevent things such as water damage, so when you purchase a high-quality sealant, it can be used all over the room to provide you with the added protection required.

Purchasing the best bathroom sealant

All in all, there really is no denying that whenever you’re refurbishing your bathroom, using a sealant is an essential part of the process and something that shouldn’t ever be overlooked, even if it might not be as fun as some of the other parts of the project. Thankfully, nowadays, there are a number of brilliant bathroom sealants on the market and they are easy to pick up in your local DIY store, so there really is no excuse for not using them.

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