Protect and revive your wooden garden furniture to keep it looking beautiful all Spring and Summer.

As the weather starts to get nicer here in the UK, many homeowners will look at revamping their garden so that they can make the most of the summer sun. For some, this may include giving their old garden furniture a new lease of life and thankfully, something as simple as a lick of paint can make all of the difference in this regard. You will be surprised just how different an old wooden bench or a metal table can look when it has been freshly painted.

If you’ve never painted outdoor furniture before then you may be wondering where to start and, it goes without saying that painting with exterior wood paint or metal paint is slightly different to using standard interior wall paint on an indoor wall. So, to help any homeowners who want to transform their outdoor furniture, our team here at Decor Express have put together a list of their top tips that will help to make the process much easier.

Always remove all old loose paint

Whenever you paint something, preparation is one of the most important steps. So, the first thing you need to do is remove any old peeling or loose paint from the garden furniture. You should also ensure that all rust is removed from metal furniture and that you sand down any wooden furniture too, this will provide you with a perfectly smooth surface to paint on.

Remember to protect your garden with dust sheets

Just because you’re painting outside doesn’t mean that you don’t need to use protective equipment like dust sheets. Try to clear a big enough space for you to paint your garden furniture and then lay the sheets to protect the grass, patio or decking. The last thing you want to do is get paint all over your garden and have the hassle of trying to get it off.

Ensure you’re using the right exterior paint

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but there are so many different types of exterior paint available to purchase and it is important to choose the right tin. Whether you need wood paint or metal paint, ensure that you’re looking at what the paint is designed for and purchasing something that is ideal for outdoor furniture. Remember to look at the finish of the paint too.

Consider using a spray paint instead

You might not have ever used spray paint before, but it can actually be a brilliant choice when you’re painting garden furniture, especially if it has intricate designs. When using quality spray paint correctly, you can get a flawless finish on your furniture, so it is worthwhile considering. You can, however, get lots of different spray paints and you need to buy the right can for the job.

Make sure you’re using the right primer

It is always important to use a primer when painting outdoor furniture and it is a step that shouldn’t ever be overlooked. You may find that some primers are specifically designed for wood or metal, but there will also be multi-surface primers available too and these can be used for any surface. Using the right primer will make a big difference to the finished look.

Keep each coat of paint quite thin

When painting your outdoor furniture, whether you’re using exterior wood paint or metal paint it should say on the tin how many coats you need to apply. It is always beneficial to use thinner coats of paint on outdoor furniture because they will dry much faster, allowing you to finish the job quicker. Remember to always let each coat dry completely before you add another layer.

Painting your outdoor furniture

Hopefully, when taking into account everything mentioned above, painting your outdoor furniture will be fairly straightforward and you can ensure that you’re left with flawless new-looking garden furniture. You will thank yourself for simply purchasing some exterior wood paint or metal paint instead of investing in brand new furniture, which is undeniably more expensive, and you can give your whole garden a new lease of life with some beautifully coloured paint.

When searching for somewhere to purchase exterior paint from, please visit the Decor Express website today. We can provide you with both high-quality wood paint and long-lasting metal paint, so no matter what outdoor furniture you’re wanting to paint, we will have the right paint for the job. You will also find a range of other products that may be beneficial to you too, from paintbrushes to scrapers and sanders, so you can trust that we are a one-stop-shop for all of your painting needs.