Earthborn beautiful, environmentally-friendly paints

With so many paints on the market today, we can feel overwhelmed with choice. Sometimes we find that we are drawn into marketing campaigns instead of choosing the paint that's right for us.

Here are 5 reasons why you should try Earthborn paints which are available in Decor Express stores and online.

Reason 1: Breathability

Claypaint is a breathable emulsion. This is perfect for historic properties or homes that have issues with damp as it allows the walls to breath.

How does Claypaint compare with standard emulsion?

The breathability of paint is measured in MVT (Moisture Vapour Transmission) A standard emulsion between 400-500g/m² per 24hours
Whereas Claypaint is 1115g/m² per 24hours
These figures show that Claypaint is more than twice as breathable as a standard emulsion.

Reason 2: Environmentally friendly

Since Earthborn was founded, their mission has been to create a range of paints that are healthier to live with, beautiful to look at and better for the environment.

Earthborn consider not only what goes into their paints, but also, perhaps more importantly, what comes out. Earthborn paints are water based and free from oils, with Claypaint being totally free from acrylics and vinyl. The paints carry a range of titanium dioxide free colours and avoid known allergens.

Reason 3: Safe for Children

For many people their top priority is the health and safety of their family. The list below shows all Earthborn products that are certified as being safe to use on children’s furniture and toys, carrying the most recent Safety of Toys Standard
Eco Chic
Eggshell No.17
Furniture Wax
Furniture Glaze
Multi Purpose Primer
Wall Glaze
Ecopro Eggshell
Ecopro Matt and Lo Sheen Emulsions

Reason 4: No Nasty Paint Smells

Because Earthborn take so much care over what goes into (and stays out of) paints, they don’t give off any harmful emissions or nasty paint smells. Some paints can continue to ‘off gas’ for many months after being applied to the walls but Earthborn paints are safe to use and rooms can be returned to normal straight after being decorated.

Did you know?
Those who would normally be sensitive to conventional paints, such as asthma and allergy sufferers, usually find they have no ill effects using Earthborn paints.

Reason 5: Vegan friendly*

We’re proud to declare our Vegan status for each of our products and their ingredients, as follows:

  • None of our products are tested on animals.
  • All Earthborn paint finishes (including all products in our Classic and Ecopro ranges) are Vegan friendly.
  • Three of our traditionally formulated decorating products are not Vegan*.(These products are: Earthborn Casein Paint & Casein Filler (which contain milk protein) and Earthborn Furniture Wax (which contains beeswax).

Reprinted from Earthborn Newsletter