Premium Paints

If you don’t decorate regularly, which many homeowners tend not to, it goes without saying that when it comes to purchasing the right products to transform the inside and outside of your home, you may not know which to choose. Whilst if you’re going to repaint something you will know that you require a paintbrush and a good quality paint, these days you have so many different brands to choose from, it can be impossible to know which you should use.

Of course, when DIY decorating your home, you will want to ensure that the finished product looks professional and you will find that the paint that you choose has a big part to play in this. So, to help anyone looking to ensure they invest in the best possible paint brands when redecorating, our team here at Decor Express have put together a helpful guide. Below you will find some of the best brands of paint and what they specialise in.

Dulux paint 

This is probably one of the most well-known paint brands and it is one that many will automatically turn to when decorating their home. Dulux paint has a brilliant reputation and thankfully, their paint lives up to this reputation too. Dulux paint is generally a good all-round choice and their ‘quick dry’, ‘non drip’ and ‘easy care’ paint is particularly useful for homeowners who are decorating themselves.

Little Greene Paints

Take a look at the Intelligent range of paint finishes, which are 15 times more durable than ordinary household paints. The range includes wipeable Intelligent Matt for walls in busy homes and brand-new finishes for floors and woodwork. The tough Intelligent Floor Paint is water-based, easy to apply and quick to dry. You can also paint woodwork and wooden furniture in coordinating hues with the extremely hard-wearing Intelligent Satinwood.

Paint & Paper Library 


Paint & Paper Library

Offering a distinguished palette of 180 unique colours and manufactured to exceptionally high standards in the UK - Paint & Paper Library provide inspiration, colour expertise and design ideas to interior decorators, architects and specifiers worldwide..


Mylands paint

No matter what you’re looking to paint, whether it’s your interior walls, wood and metal or even your floors, Mylands paint is a brilliant choice with specific paints available to meet your needs. The colour of their paint is authentic and rich too, so you won’t need to worry about the colour not being the same as you’d hoped. This brand is also known for using premium quality ingredients, so you can trust the paint will be durable as well.

Earthborn paint

You may not have heard of Earthborn paint before but it is worthwhile considering when decorating your home. Their range of designer paints aren’t just available in a brilliant selection of colours but you can also choose from a variety of finishes too. Earthborn paint isn’t made with oil or acrylic either meaning it is high performing and breathable, it also has fewer emissions than normal paints which is beneficial when painting indoors.

Zoffany paint 

Unlike other paint brands, all Zoffany paints are available in four finishes, flat emulsion, elite emulsion, eggshell and acrylic eggshell, so you’re never restricted in this regard. Their paint is also known for giving exceptional coverage too which is brilliant for homeowners who are decorating themselves, you won’t need to worry about having to do multiple coats to get a good colour. They really are the perfect choice for any luxury interiors.


This is another brilliant designer brand to look at when creating a luxury interior in your home. Sanderson paint is well known in the interior design industry and the range of colours within this brand’s paint collection are at the forefront of current trends. This brand of paint is also known for having an incredibly high-quality finish and superb coverage which makes it a good choice for homeowners who are decorating their houses.


Again, no matter what you’re looking to paint, you can guarantee that Crown will have a range of options available for you. From beautiful interior colours and finishes to exterior paint for masonry, wood and metal, their range is all-inclusive. They also have a selection of primers and undercoats that will help you to prepare your surfaces and ensure you have long-lasting flawless results when painting.  


When wanting to paint the exterior of your home, Leyland paint is a brilliant choice. They have a masonry paint for every surface and you can trust that it will last for many years to come. As well as having a range of paints, they also have undercoats and primers that may be beneficial to homeowners too, especially when painting the exterior of a property. You will easily be able to make sure your paint job looks professional.

Cuprinol paint 

If you’re wanting to paint your garden furniture or fences then you should look at Cuprinol paint. The wax enriched formulation of Cuprinol paint doesn’t just provide your garden with the splash of colour you want but, it also weatherproofs your wooden products too. Cuprinol paint is also specifically designed to be safe for use around plants and pets, so it’s a great choice for family gardens and keen gardeners.

Hammerite paint 

This is another paint brand that is known for exterior paintwork. When wanting to touch up your metal fences or gates, you should turn to Hammerite paint. Unlike conventional paints, theirs can be applied directly onto metal without needing to use a primer and an undercoat first. This paint is also known for providing a barrier against knocks and scrapes, meaning it can maintain a beautiful finish for much longer.

Purchasing the right paint for your needs

Hopefully, now you know a little bit more about some of the best brands of paint on the market, you can ensure that you’re choosing the right brand for the job. Of course, if you’re ever unsure which paint would be best to use when redecorating both the inside and outside of your home, don’t hesitate to ask an expert for advice. Our team here at Decor Express will always be happy to help in this regard.

Not only can we advise you regarding which paint will be best to use but, we can also supply you with the paint that you require too. We stock an incredibly wide range of paints that are perfect for all kinds of home refurbishments. Choose between a selection of different colours and also a number of well-known brands, including Dulux paint and all of the others mentioned above. Please visit our online paint shop or one of our Decor Express stores today to view our impressive selection.