Walls & Christmas decoration in Myrtle Green™ No. 168

Pale Lilac™ No. 246

This season, Mylands conjures the magic of Christmas with a deconstructed colour palette, revisiting the traditional red and green colours associated with the festive season but not as you know them. We have explored the winter’s famous colour story through paler, powdery tones and hues. It is the Christmas we all know and love, but not how you have seen it before but with a twist on a classic holiday tradition.

Picture your home bathed in the warm glow of this soft lilac tone. This shade is a subtle mixture of lilac and pink, with a hint of grey to keep it from being too loud. The delicate and fresh nature of this colour makes it a perfect choice for colour drenching. 



Embrace the inviting essence of nature with a calm, classic green. The richness of this paint creates a serene, natural environment. The hue is sophisticated and balanced, ideal for colour drenching. Envelope yourself in a sense of calm during this festive period with Myrtle Green.Mylands Paints



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