Door Accessories You Never Thought You Needed

Whenever you replace the doors in your home, whether these are the internal doors or external doors, you will have a number of different things to consider. From the overall style of the door to the colour and the finish, there are various elements of the design that you will need to make sure are perfect for your home.

Arguably, one of the most important things to think about when you’re purchasing new doors or even just revamping your existing doors is the hardware and accessories. Whilst it can be easy to overlook these small details, they make such a big difference to the overall look and feel of the door, so they should be something that you choose carefully.

If you’ve never really thought about door accessories before and you’re wondering what is actually available to you in this regard, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the different hardware available, including things that you probably never thought you needed.

Door levers



You will likely better know door levers as door handles and they are undoubtedly an essential accessory for almost all doors. Many don’t realise just how vast the range of door levers available is these days, from modern satin chrome designs to traditional polished brass designs, there really is the perfect design for every property. So, you should take a look to see if there is something more suitable for your doors.

Door knobs

Some homeowners will prefer to use door knobs on their interior doors and they are much more compact than levers. Commonly, door knobs are fairly simple in design and they will be a circular ball on a backplate, but you can purchase unique designs as well. If your home is quite contemporary, then you might want something like an interior door knob in chrome with a geometric design instead and these can look beautiful.


Door knockers

Traditionally, almost all front doors would feature a door knocker, yet nowadays, lots of homeowners have replaced them with doorbells. Even if you don’t necessarily need a knocker for visitors to use, they are undeniably aesthetically pleasing when installed on front doors, so they’re worth looking into anyway. Door knockers come in many different shapes and sizes these days too, so you can easily complement the rest of your door accessories.

Door viewers

Similarly to door latches and door locks, door viewers are designed to increase your security and being able to see who is at your door before you open it is incredibly beneficial. For some, door viewers will serve an essential role in their everyday life. Whilst door viewers are small, they will still impact the appearance of your doors and it is important to remember that they change the way both sides of the door looks.

Door letter plates

Almost all front doors will feature a letterbox and when they do, it is important to ensure that you’re choosing the right letter plate to enhance the appearance of your door. Your letter plate is usually the biggest accessory on your door, making it a focal point, so you need to get the design right. Whether you opt for a stylised victorian letter plate or a minimalistic letter plate, it will change the look of the whole door.


Door escutcheons

You may know a door escutcheon as a keyhole cover and many homeowners will use these on both their internal and external doors. This door accessory is designed to perfectly conceal key and cylinder holes, and without them, your doors will likely look unfinished. Thankfully, it isn’t difficult to find door escutcheons in the same material and finish as other door accessories, so everything can match if you’d like it to.

Purchasing door accessories

Ultimately, there are a number of different door accessories on the market nowadays, all of which can transform the way that both your interior and exterior doors look. Even if you’ve just purchased new doors, you may want to consider whether you actually like their existing hardware and, if you don’t, you always have the option to replace it with something new. Thankfully, this can be incredibly straightforward to do as well.

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