Find A Great Selection Of Door Handles

Designing any kind of an interior, whether it is our house or an office, is a difficult task, even if we think otherwise. We need to try to always make sure that every element of such design match the style we choose and take care of every single detail of it. And even though we do not realize it, door is one of the elements, which may have a huge impact on the final effect of our work. That is why, we should choose the right furniture for doors too, and door handles are one of them.

Lever on rose 
Are more contemporary door handles which sit on round or square rose. Simple and very versatile, this style of handle is suitable for most properties.

Lever lock
Lever lock handles provides mechanism features a keyhole providing security and privacy.

Bathroom lock
Bathroom lock used on bathroom where some privacy is needed.

Lever latch
Lever latch are used for interior doors that don’t require to be locked. It’s a simple to use mechanism, which only requires the door handle to be pushed down for the door to open. This classic door furniture style looks great in traditional design schemes.

Today, there are many different products of that kind available, so you won’t have much of a problem to find the lever that suits your needs. Visit our website or stationary shop to find perfect door handle for you!