Taking Care Of Your Decking

It is incredibly common for homeowners to have decking in their garden these days and it is a very popular alternative to patio areas. Not only does decking provide you with the perfect place to put all of your garden furniture and to entertain guests in the summer months, but it can also enhance the aesthetics of your garden too and it will instantly give your whole outdoor space a lift. So it is no surprise that it is a common sight in gardens.

Thankfully, taking care of your decking isn’t too difficult either and, generally speaking, it is quite low maintenance. However, there are a couple of things that you should do to keep the decking in good condition and extend its lifespan. If you’ve just had decking installed or your old decking is looking worse for wear and you’re wondering how to restore it, below are some useful maintenance tips all homeowners should know about.

Keep on top of regular decking cleaning

When taking care of your decking, one of the most simple yet important things you should do is regularly clean it. This can be so easy to overlook, especially if you don’t use your garden that frequently in the cooler months, but the more you keep on top of this cleaning the easier it will be to keep your decking looking its best.

Ideally, you should try to keep your decking free from debris, like dead leaves, and the easiest way to do so is by simply using a brush to sweep it clean. Of course, when brushing the decking, remember to go under your garden furniture and any plant pots you have too.

Every now and then, or if you’ve noticed moss, mould or algae growing on your decking, you should use a multi-purpose decking cleaner to give it a thorough clean too. Something like Ronseal’s cleaner and reviver is perfect for this and it will help to remove any grime and restore the look of the wood in minutes.

Protect the wood with a decking oil or stain  

To help ensure that your decking is protected from the elements, you should use either a decking oil or a decking stain. Both of these products will be easy to apply and effective, but one solution may be more suitable than the other for your decking.

Decking oil, like Cuprinol oil, comes in natural colours or clear and it’s designed to enhance the natural appearance of the wood. This oil soaks deep into the wood and protects from the inside out, and it can help to prevent cracking or warping. However, oil can’t be stained or painted over and you would need to strip the oil if you wanted to change the finish of your decking.

Decking stain, like Ronseal stain, is similar to varnish and it comes in a range of colours. This stain seals the wood to protect it from the weather, but it still provides the same level of protection as oil. A stain creates a tough layer on top of the wood and it is very durable against footfall, but it can be slippery when wet and it’s less natural in appearance.

You may also want to consider using a wood preserver prior to applying decking oil or decking stain. This will help to prevent rot, decay, wood discolouring funghi and woodworm infestations from ruining your decking too.

Give the decking a new lease of life with some paint

You do always have the option to paint your decking if you haven’t used an oil, stain or preserver and the colour of the wood is starting to deteriorate. Something like Ronseal decking rescue paint won’t just cover discolored areas, but it will also fill any cracks and provide long-lasting protection to your decking. This is perfect for reviving old decking.

Keeping your decking in good condition

Hopefully, if you have decking in your garden then the information above will be useful and it will help to ensure that your decking can be enjoyed for many years to come. It is fair to say that it is fairly straightforward to take care of the decking in your garden, so there is no reason why you should overlook or put off doing so. Simply spending a bit of time providing it with the TLC that it needs will help to prevent any costly repairs or restoration work.

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