What's The Best Type of Paint For Furniture?

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to ‘upcycle’ their furniture and this is arguably just as popular as purchasing brand new pieces of furniture these days. Many will take an old table or chest of drawers, for example, that look worse for wear and completely transform them into a beautiful piece of furniture. There is no denying that there are numerous benefits to upcycling and thankfully, anyone can do it.

When you’re wanting to give a piece of furniture a new lease of life, more often than not, it will need a lick of paint and painting a piece is often what enables you to reinvent it. Of course, whenever you’re painting furniture it is important to ensure that you’re using the right type of paint. So, to help any homeowners who are wanting to try their hand at upcycling, below we have looked into some of the best types of paint for furniture.

Rust-Oleum paint

Rust-Oleum paint is a really popular choice for revamping a piece of furniture and their Chalky Finish Furniture Paint is perfect for the job. You can use this water based premium paint on a range of surfaces and priming or sanding isn’t necessary the majority of the time.

Lots of people choose to use Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Paint not only because it is known for being long-lasting, but also because it is highly concentrated and provides exceptional coverage in just one coat. When you use this paint, you will have a range of beautiful colours to choose from and your indoor furniture will have a smooth chalky matte finish.

Dulux paint

It is fair to say that Dulux is a go-to brand for lots of different types of paint and it even has paint that is perfect for interior wooden and metal furniture. Dulux Satinwood Paint provides a brilliant satin finish that is also incredibly durable, making it a great alternative to using gloss.

There are lots of Dulux Satinwood colours to choose from including classics like their Pure Brilliant White, which looks brilliant on modern furniture. This premium paint is a popular choice because it dries really quickly making it incredibly convenient to use and you only tend to require two coats even over the most dramatic colour changes.  

Bedec paint


When you’re looking for a ‘one tin does all’ type of paint, then the Bedec Multi Surface Paint is a brilliant choice. Available in a variety of colours and a range of finishes, you won’t struggle to find a tin that meets all of your needs for your upcycling project.

You can use this premium paint on both interior and exterior furniture and you don’t need a primer or an undercoat. Bedec Multi Surface Paint really is suitable for any surface from wood and metal to plastic and stone, so it is perfect for pieces of furniture. This water based paint resists flaking and peeling, and it will go over most other paints and varnishes too.

Ronseal paint

Ronseal is a brand that many turn to when they’re painting exterior wood and it is a great choice for outdoor furniture. The Ronseal 10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint won’t just add some colour to the piece you’re upcycling, but it will provide some added protection too.

This premium paint is known for being able to protect outdoor furniture from harsh weather conditions and, as the name suggests, it will keep pieces looking good for a decade. Again, this paint doesn’t require a primer and it is quick and easy to apply, it is even rainproof in just one hour too. Ronseal paint is available in different colours and finishes as well.

Purchasing premium paints for upcycling

No matter whether you’re wanting to upcycle a bed-side table or an outdoor bench, hopefully the information above will be beneficial to you and you can ensure that you’re purchasing the right type of paint for your furniture. It is fair to say that any of the different premium paints mentioned above are perfect for an upcycle project and with their help, you will easily be able to give a piece of furniture a new lease of life.

When you’re purchasing paint for your upcycling project, be sure to visit the Decor Express website. We have an impressive range of premium paints, including the frequently sought-after brands mentioned above, and a huge range of colours for you to choose from, so you won’t struggle to find the perfect tin of paint for the piece of furniture you’re working on. If you’re ever unsure which type of paint you should be purchasing, feel free to contact us, our experienced team will gladly point you in the right direction.