Why the Claypaint is special?
Earthborn Claypaint has little or no smell, so there’s no need to move out of a room after painting. Claypaint is free from oils, acrylics and vinyl. It’s virtually VOC free too. Careful ingredient selection means we avoid known allergens making it suitable for use in babies or children’s rooms.
The luxuriously thick, creamy consistency and high clay solids means it covers exceptionally well, even over dark colours, and often only one coat is needed. An exciting clay-based emulsion that has a distinctive, ultra matt finish that softens and enhances the light in your room while its contemporary colour tempt the senses.
Being highly breathable, Claypaint is especially suitable for use on lime plaster, in older properties and buildings that may have suffered from damp problems. Unlike many conventional emulsions, it doesn’t seal the walls but instead lets air and water vapour flow freely through its surface, reducing the likelihood of moisture build up. Trapped moisture can cause paint to bubble, peel and eventually blow completely and can also lead to much bigger problems within the fabric of the building itself. Claypaint however allows the walls to breathe.
The moisture absorbing qualities of Claypaint help to regulate the humidity in a room, thus reducing condensation, mould and mildew and making for a healthier, more comfortable living environment. Its high clay content helps destroy airborne odours and contaminants and emits negative ions. Higher ambient levels of negative ions are widely accepted as being beneficial to health and wellbeing, especially for allergy and asthma sufferers. The super powers of clay also minimises static electricity build up, so reducing dust and allergens.
Summarizing, you should remember the most important 8 things:
  • Distinctive finish
  • True eco paint
  • No oils or acrylics
  • Odour free
  • Highly breathable
  • Great covering power
  • Easy to apply
  • For internal walls & ceilings