C-Tec FC1 All-in-One Filler & Caulk White 310ml

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New ultimate acrylic based all-in-one Filler & Caulk (FC1) from CT1 - advanced formulation for ultra smooth finish. 
With unique blend of acrylic polymers and selected filler made to the very highest specification, FC1 bonds and seals gaps between wood, metal, brick, stone, plaster and plastics. 
FC1 is quick drying with an ultra smooth finish that's ideal for filling and sealing in skirtings, architraves, door frames, coving and window sills in preparation for painting and papering. 

Surfaces must be clean and free from loose material, standing water or contaminants which may otherwise impair the bond. FC1 Filler & Caulk should not be applied in temperatures below 5 degrees C, or in areas of constant water immersion. Can fill up to 25mm in one application. 

Non-porous surfaces such as aluminium should be cleaned with a suitable product.

Depending on application, FC1 Filler & Caulk can be easily painted over with waterborne paints in as little as one hour - and with solvent paints once it is fully cured (2-24h).

NO SANDING NEEDED * - Once applied, FC1 Filler & Caulk can be tooled to required finish & sanding is not required.

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