Blue Towel Roll

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Blue?Towel Rolls are a popular product in commercial environments such as kitchens, catering facilities and workshops.? In fact, Blue?Towel Roll has become an essential part of a lot of business?? work practices as it provides a quick, hygienic way of absorbing spillages, cleaning appliances and surfaces, as well as cleaning hands.? This absorbent wiping paper benefits from quick-tear perforations and can be easily fitted?into?a dispenser by removing the core.??Alternatively this product can be used as a portable wiping roll and can be taken to the point of use, eg. this may suit a workshop environment where there are multiple work stations and each operative can have a roll on the end of their work bench.??Other areas of use include bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, salons, clinics, surgeries and deli counters.??Using a paper wiping product is often the preferred choice to a dishcloth in many businesses as the freshly dispensed sheets prevent cross-contamination.? Whatever the application, this multi purpose wiping roll fits the bill and is a cost effective and very hygienic way to tackle all wiping tasks.

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