Bona Gap Master - Acrylic Mastic

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Bona Gap Master is a solvent-free, odourless acrylic mastic designed for sealing gaps towards skirting boards and thresholds. Offered in 15 different colors, this mastic can be used with all Bona lacquers once it is dry. With maximum movement tolerance of 15% and permanent elasticity, it is ideal for repairing damages and filling gaps and cracks in a wood floor.

Acrylic-based mastic for sealing gaps in connection to skirting boards and thresholds.

Permanently elastic (max 15% tolerance)
High initial and final bonding strength
Odourless Material: Acrylate

Drying time: approx. 18-24 hrs. Full hardness is achieved after approx. 2-3 days depending on climate and size of gap.

Consumption: Depends on size of the gap.

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