hg antislip for rugs,carpet strip and mats 500ml

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HG anti-slip for rugs, carpet strips and mats is the solution for rugs, mats, and bath mats that could cause you to trip. This unique formula makes the underside anti-slip, which means that rugs, carpet strips, and mats no longer slide, but can still be picked up. This product is suitable for almost every type of rug or mat and can be used on virtually any type of surface, including stone (provided its not porous), laminate, wood floors, etc. The surface to be treated must be clean and dry. Spray the underside of the rug or mat liberally and evenly and leave it to air dry for at least two hours. Turn the rug or mat over when HG anti-slip for rugs, carpet strips and mats is completely dry. HG anti-slip for rugs, carpet strips and mats can be washed off with a main-cycle detergent at 40 – 60 ºC.

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