hg cleaner and protector for wooden furniture 500ml

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A wooden surface that has been treated with HG protector for untreated wooden furniture will lose a little of its protection during normal cleaning, which makes it increasingly difficult to remove a grease stain or ring. But not when you clean with HG cleaner and protector for wooden furniture. This product dissolves grease and removes stains extremely well and protects to boot, because this unique formula also contains protector. New protection is added to the wood every time you clean, which means the wood has optimum protection against new dirt, grease stains or rings, as soon as it has dried. First spray the surface with HG cleaner and protector. Then dampen a lint-free cloth, preferably a microfibre cloth, with water and spray this with the product too. Then use it to spread the product properly over the surface. Then leave the treated surface to dry.

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