hg hardwood restorer 500ml

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HG hardwood restorer has been specially designed for the maintenance and protection of hardwood garden furniture. It deepens the colour and gives a natural glow to the garden furniture. The effect of weather can cause the mineral components of hardwood to discolour. This means that with time hardwood start to look grey. HG hardwood restorer prevents and reverses this so-called greying effect and returns your furniture back to top condition quickly, easily and will aslo be made waterproof. Application is quick, easy and last for months at a time. Before applying HG hardwood restorer, dust and dirt should be first removed with a dry cloth or brush. Only severely (emphasis on severely) greyed aereas should be scrubbed lightly first. Then spray the product evenly on the wood. Wipe over any drops with a cloth. Allow the product to soak in and lightly polish after 15 minutes with a clean, dry cloth. Your garden furniture is now once more in top condition.

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