hg laminate power cleaner (HG product 74) 1L

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HG laminate power cleaner (HG product 74) is a powerful cleaner for safe and effective removal of stubborn dirt, grease and protective films on all types of laminate. Dissolve 1 litre in half a bucket (5 l) of lukewarm water and apply with a well wrung out floor cloth or mop, rinsing it regularly in the solution. Do not rinse or mop dry, simply leave the floor to dry on its own.

For removal of HG laminate protective coating gloss finish (gloss coating) (HG product 70):
Pour the undiluted product into a bucket and then apply using a well wrung out mop or floor cloth. Now leave to work for a number of minutes before removing the liquid with a clean and well wrung out mop. Now wipe once or twice with a well wrung out mop.

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