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Difficult to remove deposits can form in any toilet. Problem soiling such as persistent scale, uric scale, or other difficult to remove deposits occur on the inside of the toilet pan, but also in the neck or invisibly under the rim. The dirt under the rim means the toilet is never hygienically clean - it can cause a musty odour and it reduces the flush action of the toilet. The especially developed formula of HG super powerful toilet cleaner adheres to the surface of the toilet pan and ensures an effective removal of all problem soiling. Spray HG super powerful toilet cleaner in a fluid motion deep under the rim of the toilet pan and in the pan. Leave the gel to work at least 20-30 minutes and then brush the toilet pan clean with a toilet brush. Finally flush the toilet. For regular cleaning of the toilet pan, it is best to use HG hygienic toilet gel. For daily quick and hygienic cleaning of everything in the toilet area, from toilet seat to door handle, we recommend HG hygienic toilet cleaner.

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