hg water, oil, grease & dirt repellent for leather 300ml

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HG water, oil, grease & dirt repellent for leather has been specially designed for the protection and maintenance of all leather, but is especially suitable for the ‘open’ types, such as suede, nubuck and aniline. The product gives an invisible protection to the eye and to the touch against the penetration of dirt and stains such as edible oils, coffee, tea and wine, and of course against water. Due to its powerful action, coffee, tea, oil, grease and wine stains can be simply drown off of the surface with absorbent tissue paper. Ensure that the leather to be treated is clean and dry. Hold the spray nozzle as upright as possible and spray from a distance of about 20 cm in even lines across the leather. After leaving for an hour to dry, the treated leather is again ready for use and is very effectively protected.

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