XR1 Rust Converter And Primer

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XR1 Rust Converter And Primer

    • converts and primes all in one

    • up to 12 meters coverage per litre

    • Environmental

    • safe

    • easy to apply

Aquasteel is a unique corrosion control system developed by Bayer-Wood Technologies for use on rusted ferrous metal surfaces. It is a specially formulated rust converter and primer, specially tested against salt spray for sea-going vessels and offshore applications such as oil platform legs and has been designed for the most rigourous conditions. The product is designed for rusted metal on cars and boats, beams of buildings and architectural features. It is suitable for all home applications ranging from gates and metal fencing etc, it is also perfect for steel hulled boatds and pontoons and will extend the life of paint up to 3 times. It can be applied by spray or by brush for smaller applications. There is no preparation required, and the product can even be applied in damp conditions. This product is Manufactured in the UK, is NATO stock Listed, used extensively under continual rigourous applications. It is state of the Art and non-hazardous. Bayer-Wood Technologies is accredited both Environmental IS0 14001 and ISO 9001:2008.

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