DIY Accessories That Are Always Handy To Have At Home

Almost all homeowners will have a toolbox at home. This tends to be where they keep all of their ‘DIY essentials’ and it is likely that whenever they’re carrying out any home improvement work, their toolbox will be the first thing that they turn to. However, not everyone’s toolbox actually includes the DIY accessories that they’re likely to require and some will be lacking in useful items that are always handy to have.

If the last time you reached for your toolbox it was looking quite empty and it didn’t actually contain the DIY accessories that you needed, it is definitely time to stock up on some basic products. If you’re wondering what is best to keep at home alongside your toolbox, below we have put together a list of DIY accessories that are undeniably convenient to have.

A sanding block



Even if you have an electric sander at home, it is still beneficial to have a sanding block or a roll of sandpaper too. It is likely that the majority of the DIY projects that you work on will involve sanding something down to get a smooth surface and your electric sander might not always be right for the job. Abrasives are so inexpensive to buy yet they can be incredibly useful.

A couple of good paint brushes

Once they have used a paint brush or a roller for a painting project, so many homeowners will then throw them away, but it is always good to have at least one quality paint brush at home. You never know when you’re going to need to touch up some paintwork and you will save an awful lot of money by taking good care of a couple of good paint brushes rather than frequently buying and disposing of cheaper alternatives.

A roll of painters tape

Whilst lots of homeowners will have a roll of masking tape at home, it is really useful to have a roll of painters tape too. Simply buying a roll of Frog Tape or Tesa Tape and keeping it to hand will ensure that you never have any issues with paint bleeding or getting straight lines again. You will likely use painters tape during a surprising number of different DIY projects too.

A roll of electrical tape

Another roll of tape that is worthwhile having at home is electrical tape. Whilst this tape is primarily used for safety reasons to make minor repairs to damaged wires, it has a range of other uses too and lots of homeowners reach for electrical tape in various scenarios. This tape is actually used quite frequently for cable management as well and it is very handy to have.

A dust sheet or two 

It is highly unlikely that you will ever undertake a DIY project that won’t require you to lay a protective sheet before you start work. So, ensuring you have a dust sheet or some film at home is arguably essential. When you have a dust sheet to hand, you won’t attempt to do DIY jobs without one and you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle when it comes to tidying up. Buying a reusable dust sheet is always a good idea.

A strong adhesive

There will be numerous times when something breaks, cracks or comes loose and you wish that you had a strong adhesive at home, so it is undoubtedly a useful addition to your DIY accessory collection. You can get adhesives for various materials from wood to glass, but you will probably be best off buying one good quality multi-purpose adhesive that can fix a number of problems.  

Visiting a DIY shop in Clapham

All in all, it is fair to say that all of the different DIY accessories mentioned above are worthwhile having at home and you never know when they might come in handy. Keeping these items alongside your standard toolbox and power tools will help you to ensure that you always have the basics that any DIY job will require. You will definitely thank yourself at some point in the future for having some of these accessories to hand too.

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