Wood floor protection

Almost all properties feature wood somewhere, whether this is wooden floors and wooden doors or wooden furniture, and it is fair to say that natural wood is a beautiful addition to any interior design. Of course, wood is also frequently used in outdoor spaces as well and many will have wooden fences, wooden decking, wooden benches and wooden tables too. Arguably, there isn’t another material that is so frequently used by homeowners.


Whenever you have wood in your home, it goes without saying that in order to keep it looking its best for many years to come, it is essential that you take care of it. Whilst generally speaking wood is an incredibly durable material that is able to withstand almost anything thrown at it, it still requires some TLC and if you’re not really sure what you should be doing to care for your wood, keep reading today, below are some helpful tips in this regard.


Try not to mistreat any wood in your home 


No matter what wood you have in your home, the first step to caring for it is to ensure that you’re not misusing or abusing it as this will inevitably cause damage over time. Really simple things like using coasters on your coffee table and mats for dirty shoes can help keep your wood in good condition. So, make sure you’re thinking about preventative measures.


Keep on top of regular dusting and cleaning


It is more important than people realise to dust wooden floors and furniture on a regular basis as airborne particles can build up and scratch the surface of the wood. Simply using a soft cloth to remove any dust is a really easy way to care for wood. Also, wiping wood down with a damp cloth can help to remove any small marks too, just be sure to dry the surface after cleaning.


Apply a suitable varnish for added protection


Using wood varnish is a brilliant way to protect your wood from general day-to-day wear and tear, and they are incredibly easy to apply. In addition to helping to keep your wood in good condition, varnish can help to enhance the natural colour of the wood and give it a beautiful finish too. Something like Ronseal interior varnish is perfect for use in the home.


Use oil to improve the look of the wood


Should your wood start looking dry or worse for wear, using wood oil is the perfect solution. Oils are designed to bring out the character of the wood without adding a film on the surface and they are also really easy to apply and maintain. Using things like Osmo door oil, Osmo polyx oil or Osmo UV protection oil every now and then will keep your wood looking its best.


Freshen up with a wax every now and then


Even if you have used varnish or oil on your wood, you may find that you need to give it a freshen up with wax sometimes too. Wood wax can be applied over any other finish and you really don’t need to use much product at all. Something like Liberon wax polish can be used to nourish all types of wood and it feeds, polishes and helps to prevent the wood from drying out.


Don’t forget about the wood in your home


This is probably one of the best tips for anyone who has wood in the home and once you have purchased wood furniture or installed hardwood floors, you can’t simply forget about them. It is important to ensure that you’re doing all of the above to keep the wood in good condition and looking its best. The best thing you can do is to keep on top of any required maintenance.


Purchasing wood care products


Hopefully, whether you have wooden floors in your living room or wooden garden furniture, the information above will be beneficial to you and you will be able to ensure that any wood in your home is kept in the best possible condition. It is fair to say that caring for wood doesn’t have to be complicated and when you invest in the right products, it is really easy to ensure that wood looks amazing, no matter how old it may be.


When searching for somewhere to purchase the products you need to care for wood, be sure to visit the Decor Express website today. Whether you’re looking for Ronseal varnish, Osmo oil, Liberon wax or Cuprinol wood treatment, we can help. We have an impressive range of products that can help you care for your wood and if you’re ever unsure which would be best to purchase, our experienced team will gladly help you choose the right products for your intended use. So, don’t hesitate to contact us today if you require some assistance.