Choosing The Best Paint For Each Room In Your Home

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to simply assume that when they’re painting the walls in their home, it won’t be a problem to use the same tub of premium paint all over.

Whilst buying a huge tub of trade paint or buying the colour you like in bulk may be slightly cheaper and also seem much easier, it isn’t necessarily the best thing to do, even if you do want the same colour scheme throughout the whole of your home.

Ideally, when decorating, you should use different types of wall paint for different rooms and whilst this may seem like an unnecessary hassle, we can assure you that it is always worthwhile doing. To help any homeowners who are looking for some more information in this regard, our team here at Decor Express have put together a helpful guide. Below is some information about the types of paint professionals recommended that you use in each room.

Painting a kitchen

Even if you only need a small amount of paint in your kitchen and the rest of your walls are tiled, it is still important to use the right type of wall paint. Kitchens are known for being humid areas, especially when cooking, and they undeniably suffer a lot of wear and tear. For this reason, durable wall paint is the perfect solution.

For this specific room, you’re best using paint with a gloss finish, this tends to be one of the easiest wall paints to clean. Something like Dulux easy care paint can be a brilliant choice as well and they even supply kitchen paint too which has grease and stain protection.

Painting a bathroom

Similarly to a kitchen, homeowners tend to have a combination of paint and tiles in the bathroom and many are beginning to use more paint than tiles nowadays. Of course, this room is known for having high moisture levels and when choosing paint for the walls in this room, it is important to look for something that can repel condensation and help stop mould or damp occurring.

You can purchase premium paint that is specifically designed for bathrooms and this is always worthwhile investing in, so you won’t have to worry about the paint bubbling or peeling. Again, opting for wall paint with a gloss finish is always a good idea too.

Painting a living room

The vast majority of homes will have paint on all walls in their living room and the type of paint you choose can affect the space more than you may realise. Whilst your living room wall paint won’t necessarily need to be as durable as other rooms, it is important to think about natural light and how this will be reflected around the room.

If you have plenty of light flooding into the space, you can go for something like a matt, flat or eggshell/soft sheen finish and this is brilliant at hiding imperfections in your walls. But, if you don’t, you may want to choose a satin/silk finish to help reflect the light around the room.

Painting a bedroom

This is probably the most versatile room when it comes to wall paint. You can ultimately choose any type of paint that you’d like and it is mostly down to personal preference in this space. Whilst it is usually beneficial to go for something quite durable, simply because people don’t tend to repaint their bedrooms very frequently, you don’t necessarily have to.

Generally speaking, people tend to use eggshell/soft sheen or matte/flat finish wall paint in their bedroom and this can provide a brilliant coverage. Many like these particular finishes because they don’t have a shine to them.

Purchasing the right wall paint for your rooms

Hopefully, the information above will be helpful when you’re decorating your home. It goes without saying that it is actually quite important to use the right type of paint and you can guarantee that when you do so, not only will the finished job look much better, but it will last for much longer too. Remember, even if you’re wanting the same colour scheme throughout the whole of your home, this is still possible, you simply just need different finishes to the colour.

Should you have any questions at all about the types of paint mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Decor Express today. We will happily help you ensure that you’re purchasing the correct wall paint for your project. Of course, we can provide you with the paint you need too. Not only do we have a vast range of different brands and colours to choose from, but we also provide a colour mixing service too, so you can rely on us to provide you with the premium paint that you need.