Top Tips For Using A Roller For Painting

When you’re painting a room, whether you’re painting the walls or the ceiling, it is fair to say that using a roller rather than a paint brush to do the bulk of the work will make things much easier for yourself. Whilst you will still need a few different sized paint brushes to cut in and for intricate places, using a roller for painting the main area can dramatically speed up how long the project takes and it can also improve the overall finished look, when you use the roller right.

Generally speaking, using a roller isn’t difficult and it is fairly easy to get to grips with how they work, but there are a few things you can do to prevent roller marks on your freshly painted wall. To help anyone who is planning on using a roller for their next DIY project, below are a few tips, tricks and techniques that can help to ensure your walls have a flawless finish.

De-fuzz your roller before you start painting

Once you’ve taken your brand new roller out of the packet, make sure that you de-fuzz it before you cover it in paint and get started. Pick off any bits of fuzz or simply give it a quick wash in water, this will help to prevent any loose fuzz coming off the roller as you’re using it and getting stuck in the paint on your wall.

Use more paint than you think you need

Lots of people don’t put enough paint on their roller when they’re using it for the first time which can make the job much harder than it needs to be. So, make sure you’re getting enough paint onto the roller, but in the same breath don’t overload it. You want to ensure that it is covered but that it isn’t dripping when you start using it.

Get an even coat of paint on the roller

To get an even coat of paint on your roller, lightly dip it into the paint, covering about half of the roller. Then roll it backwards and forwards on the flat part of the tray, you will need to do this a few times to ensure that the paint is evenly distributed on the roller. Don’t let your roller completely run dry before you re-coat it with more paint either.


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Don’t leave your paint-covered roller exposed

When you’re taking a break from painting, to ensure that you can use the paint roller sleeve again, don’t leave it sitting exposed to the air. As you may expect, this will dry the paint onto the roller and it can be very difficult to get it clean. Simply wrap the roller in cling film from your kitchen, this will keep it from drying out.

Roll the paint on at a decent speed

Similarly to when you’re using a paint brush, you will want to move quite quickly when you’re using a roller for painting. Try to roll onto the wall in sweeping strokes to get a nice and even coat, and roll back and forth fairly speedily to help prevent any buildup of paint getting left behind and drying in between strokes.

Always overlap newly applied paint

Again, just like when you’re using a paint brush, you will want to ensure that you’re leaving a feathered edge between strokes too. When applying new paint, you always need to overlap with paint that is still wet as well to prevent any uneven marks. Doing this as you go will help to reduce problems when you’re touching up once the first layer is dry.

Use an extension pole for hard to reach areas

To prevent the need for a ladder and to also reduce the likelihood of you aching the next day after painting, use an extension pole when you’re painting the top half of a wall or the ceiling. Extension poles can also help you to ensure that you’re getting an even coat of paint on places that are harder to reach too.

Purchasing a paint roller and tray

When you’re going to be using a roller for your upcoming painting project, hopefully the information above will be beneficial. There is no denying that using a roller can make painting both the walls and the ceiling a lot easier, and once you’ve got the hang of things, all of your future DIY painting jobs will look much more professional.

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