How To Upgrade Your Bathroom Space By Painting And Decorating

The bathroom is known for being one of the most expensive rooms in the home to revamp and it can cost thousands of pounds to give this room a new look, especially when you rip everything out and start from scratch. However, this isn’t the only option available when you’re fed up with the way that your bathroom looks and there are actually a few budget-friendly things you can do to completely transform this space.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a bathroom expert to refresh this room by yourself either and some of the most effective things you can do are fairly simply DIY jobs. So, if your bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the best ways you can upgrade your bathroom space by simply painting and decorating, and they’re all affordable too.

Change the colour of the walls

Whenever you’re wanting to revamp a space, this is the best place to start. If not all of your bathroom is tiled, then simply repainting the walls with a completely different colour can change the whole look of the space. When painting, remember to use a moisture and steam resistant paint though, like Dulux bathroom paint, to avoid any problems. There are loads of colours to choose from in the Dulux Easycare bathroom range.


Regrout your tiles


Many homeowners don’t realise that you can regrout the tiles in your bathroom and you don’t have to replace them to improve the look of this space. Whether you just refresh your tile grout by using a classic white colour or you opt for something more stylised and use a contrasting colour, this can make both the tiles and the bathroom look really different. Brands like Mapei have you covered for all of your grout needs 

Invest in new fixtures and fittings

From your taps and towel rail to your toilet roll holder and door handles, investing in new fixtures and fittings can really help when you’re revamping this space. If you can’t afford to replace them, you always have the option to purchase some spray paint instead too. Whilst spray painting can be quite fiddly and you will need to be very careful, it can be a great way to change the look of bathroom essentials.

Add some accessories to the walls

Lots of homeowners choose to leave the walls in their bathroom bare and often, the only thing you’ll find in this room is a mirror. However, contrary to popular belief, different accessories can look amazing on the walls in your bathroom. You can keep it simple and add some floating shelves to display things on or you can make a style statement and hang some prints, either way, these accessories can bring some personality into the bathroom.

Upgrade your storage solutions

Having adequate storage solutions in your bathroom is always essential and even if your current solutions are really practical, they might not look that great. You can easily replace things like your bathroom cabinets if you’d like to or again, you can simply revamp them with a lick of paint. Dulux Easycare bathroom paint can be used on your wooden cabinets too and it really can completely transform them.

Swap out your old towels

Of course, the things you keep in your bathroom will also influence the way it looks too, so you might want to swap out anything that’s old, tatty and looking worse for wear for something new. Things such as your towels and your bath mat probably haven’t been replaced in years and if you opt for a new colour or pattern, then they can add to your new interior design too.

Giving your bathroom space a makeover

All in all, it is fair to say that revamping your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank and there are lots of budget-friendly things you can do to give the space a completely new look. Hopefully, if your bathroom space is letting your home down, the ideas and tips above will be beneficial to you and you can start to work on transforming this room into somewhere that you love to spend time. No matter what style you have in mind, it really is possible to create it with a bit of DIY.

When searching for somewhere to purchase all of the essentials you need for your bathroom project, be sure to visit the Decor express online store. From Dulux bathroom paint and roller brushes to tile grout and door handles, we really can supply you with everything you need to revamp this space. If you’d prefer to shop at a brick and mortar store, you can pop in to see us at either our Clapham or Richmond store and pick up everything you need here instead. As always, our team will be on hand to help if you need them too.