What Makes DIY Panelling So Popular

Every year there are lots of new and exciting interior design trends for homeowners to explore and as you may expect, some will take off more than others. You will have probably noticed on social media and in home magazines that one of the most popular decor trends for 2021 is wall panelling, and so many homeowners are choosing to add DIY decorative moulding to their home’s interior design.

Contrary to popular belief, panelling is no longer just for period properties either and it works perfectly in contemporary homes nowadays. So, if you’re interested in giving your home a little bit of a makeover this year and you’re wondering whether DIY panelling is something that you should try, below we have looked into some of the main reasons why this decorative feature is so popular amongst homeowners this year.

Panelling instantly adds character

Using DIY panelling on the walls in your home is an incredibly easy way to add character, interest and texture to a room. It instantly creates a luxurious feel too and it is one of the most straightforward ways to make your home look more expensive. Whenever you add panelling, it will make a space much more aesthetically pleasing and this timeless decor won’t be going out of style any time soon.


Panelling is really affordable 

Many homeowners are drawn to DIY panelling because you don’t need to have a lot of money to completely transform a whole space. When you’re panelling something, you only require a handful of products, including; moulding, wood adhesive and interior paint, and you can easily complete the project on a small budget. There is no other decor trend that creates such an impactful look and feel for such a low price.


Panelling is incredibly versatile

When you’re panelling a wall in your home, you have so many different design options to choose from too and there is the perfect solution for every space. Not only are there different sizes and shapes of moulding to choose from, but you can create so many different patterns with the moulding too. Not to mention, with half-height and fill-height wall designs available, you can decide just how much of a statement you want to make.

Panelling is fairly straightforward

One of the best things about DIY panelling is that you don’t need to be an expert to get it right. Even if you don’t do much DIY around the home, with some time and patience you can still create professional looking panelling. This type of project falls into five main stages, planning the design, measuring the pattern, cutting the moulding, attaching the panels and painting the wall. It really couldn’t be easier.

Panelling works in various locations

You can use DIY panelling in every room of your home if you want to. From creating a panelled headboard behind your bed and a feature wall in your living room to a decorative border up the stairs, there are so many different ways you can use some simple mouldings in your rooms. A quick internet search will bring up lots of inspiration for DIY panelling too, so you won’t struggle to find the perfect solutions for your home.

Panelling can be used on more than walls

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to branch out from just DIY panelling on their walls too and you can actually use the same concept to add interest to other places. Panelling designs work brilliantly on the interior doors of your home and they can make a simple door look much more appealing. You can even use panelling on pieces of furniture too and if you have a plain cabinet, panelling can bring it to life.

Using DIY panelling in your home 

It is fair to say that if you’re wanting to spruce up the interior design in your home, then you should definitely look into panelling in more detail. It really is an inexpensive way to completely transform the look and feel of different rooms and you will probably be surprised by just how easy it is to complete a DIY panelling job with no experience. So, visit our DIY shop in Battersea to pick up everything you need to panel your home today.

Here at Decor Express, we really can supply you with all of the essential products you need for this type of home improvement project, from mouldings and wood adhesives to interior paints and hand tools, and we are a one-stop-shop for all of your DIY needs. When visiting our DIY shop in Battersea, our experienced and well-trained team will always be on hand to provide you with any assistance you need, ensuring you’re buying the right products for your project too.