Protecting Your Room And Belongings When Painting

Painting the interior walls and/or ceiling in your home can make such a difference to the overall look of a space. For the vast majority of homeowners, painting is one of the most frequent home improvements they’ll make and it is often the cheapest way to transform and lift a room. However, there is no denying that painting can be quite messy, no matter what type of paint you’re using or the colour you’re applying.

The last thing you want is to finish your paint job and end up lots of additional tasks trying to get paint stains off your furniture and flooring. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help prevent unnecessary mess and when taking a trip to a DIY shop in London, there are a few essential items to pick up too. So, to help any homeowners wanting to undertake some interior painting, below is a list of helpful tips for protecting your room and belongings.

Clear the room as much as you can

Ideally, you should move everything from lampshades and photo frames to bigger pieces of furniture out of the room before starting to decorate. This will not only allow you to access all areas of the wall or ceiling that you’re wanting to paint, but it will also free up your working space too and provide you with much more room.

Cover anything you can’t remove

You may find that you’re unable to move things such as your wardrobe or your sofa from the room you’re painting, but this isn’t a problem. Simply pull these pieces of furniture into the centre of the room and ensure that you’re able to get around them. The most important thing is to then cover these pieces of furniture with dust sheets to protect them from any spills.

Ensure your flooring is protected

Whether you’re able to completely clear everything out of the room or not, you need to ensure that you cover the flooring. This is essential not only to protect your carpet or hard flooring from the paint, but to also provide you with a non-slip surface if you’re using a ladder too. Ensure that you’re covering all the way up to your skirting board, so nowhere is left unprotected.

Use tape to protect small hardware

There will be some small pieces of hardware in the room that you’re unable to remove or that aren’t really worthwhile moving. You can simply purchase some masking tape to cover things such as door handles and light switches. Ensure that you’re covering them fully but not overlapping onto the surface you’re wanting to paint, this will help to provide a clean finish.

Strategically place your painting supplies

Preplan where you’re going to place your tub of wall paint or ceiling paint and ensure that you’re providing extra protection to this area. It is also worthwhile doing the same for where you’re going to store your paint brushes, rollers and trays. This is likely to be the place where the most spills and splatters happen, so ensure you’re thinking ahead in this regard.

Act quickly to clean any paint spills/splashes

Even if you do absolutely everything you’re supposed to when trying to protect your room and belongings when painting, you may still find that you need to clean up a few areas. More often than not, the quicker you can act in this regard, the better. If you’re ever unsure how to clean the material affected, seek some professional advice to ensure you don’t get this wrong.

Visiting a DIY shop in London

Hopefully, the tips above will be beneficial to any homeowners who are planning on painting the rooms in their home. There is no denying that taking the time to protect your room and your belongings is always worthwhile and you will definitely thank yourself for doing so. After all, painting is meant to be an ‘easy’ DIY job that will make a room look much better, not something that requires lots of additional work and makes your room look worse.

If you’re searching for a DIY shop in London that can provide you with everything you need when decorating, be sure to visit our store. Not only can we provide you with both the wall paint and ceiling paint that you need, but we can also offer you a range of decorative accessories too. You can guarantee that we will be able to supply you with absolutely everything that you need to complete the job.