The Best Dulux Paint Colour Schemes For Your Bathroom

When painting the walls in their home, many homeowners will choose to use Dulux paint over any of the other brands available on the market. Due to the fact that Dulux has a range of paint called ‘Dulux EasyCare’ which is specifically designed to be incredibly durable and easy to clean, it is no surprise that this is the most popular choice.

In addition to their general range, Dulux also has a specific ‘Dulux EasyCare Bathroom’ range too, which is undoubtedly the perfect choice if you’re wanting to give your bathroom some TLC this year. This moisture and steam resistant paint won’t just look amazing in your bathroom, but it can even help to protect against common issues such as mould for up to five years too, so you won’t have to worry at all in this regard.

If you’re wanting to revamp your bathroom and you’re interested in using Dulux EasyCare Bathroom paint, keep reading today. Below we have put together some brilliant colour scheme ideas using the colours within this range.

Keep things simple with monochrome

You can’t go wrong with the timeless combination of black and white, and monochrome has been popular since the 60s. Many choose to keep their walls light using Dulux EasyCare Bathroom paint like Pure Brilliant White and then they will accessorise with blacks. That being said, if you’re brave enough, switching this around and having dark walls can look amazing too.

Opt for timeless neutrals

When you’re not sure which colour scheme to choose, you can always fall back on neutrals and they will look warm and inviting in every room. No matter what the rest of your home's interior design is like, a neutral bathroom will always compliment it and there are so many great shades of Dulux bathroom paint to choose from for this timeless, yet modern, colour scheme.

Promote tranquillity with blues

Blue colour schemes are one of the most commonly used in bathrooms and it is always a brilliant option to consider. Whether you opt for dark shades like Dulux EasyCare Sapphire Salute or lighter shades like Dulux EasyCare Mineral Mist, they will look amazing in your bathroom. Why not try a split colour scheme and combine your favourite bright blue with a classic white.




Make a statement with purple

Lots of homeowners shy away from using darker colours on the walls in their home for lots of different reasons, but you shouldn’t overlook them for your bathroom. Instead of opting for something like Denim Drift or Rich Black, dark purple tones can work really well. In fact, purple in general is quite an overlooked colour and there are so many amazing Dulux shades to choose from.

Brighten the space with pinks

Commonly, pink colour schemes are associated with little girls bedrooms, but with so many beautiful pastel shades available nowadays, they really can be used anywhere. Using a timeless blush pink in your bathroom can create a soft yet chic look that is fresh and unfussy, and there are so many ways you can incorporate this colour into your interior design.

Create an organic feel with greens

Over the past few years, green colour schemes have become much more popular and people are now using different shades all over their home. Whilst forest greens work brilliantly in the kitchen, something more subtle, like Dulux EasyCare Willow Tree, will look beautiful in the bathroom. When paired with creams or whites, green can help to make this room a calm space.


Purchasing Dulux bathroom paint

Ultimately, no matter what look or feel you’re wanting to create when revamping your bathroom this year, you can rest assured that there will be the perfect paint colours and shades within the Dulux EasyCare Bathroom range. Whichever colour scheme you choose, you can trust that this innovative paint will help to keep your walls and, in turn, your bathroom as a whole looking great for longer no matter how frequently your bathroom is used.

If you’re looking for a local store where you can purchase Dulux bathroom paint, be sure to visit one of the Decor Express stores. When visiting, a member of our friendly team will gladly assist you in any way required and they will help you to ensure that you’re purchasing the best products for your bathroom project. If you aren’t local to one of our stores, don’t worry, you can shop Dulux EasyCare paint online with us, so you can still get your hands on everything that you need.