The Importance Of Using High Quality Exterior Paint

Lots of homeowners here in the UK will choose to paint on top of the exterior brickwork at their property and there are a number of benefits to doing so. It goes without saying that having a flawlessly painted exterior can instantly improve your home’s appearance and kerb appeal, as long as you choose the right colour, of course, and many will opt for a white or cream as these lighter shades tend to complement the surrounding area best.

When choosing to paint the exterior of your home, as you may expect, you will need a lot of paint and because of this, many will end up purchasing a cheaper masonry paint in an attempt to save some money. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for cheaper paint to be poor quality and this can cause a whole host of problems, so it is always important to invest in a high-quality exterior paint, and here’s why;

Easier to paint with

Generally speaking, painting an exterior wall can be a difficult task but, thankfully, if you use one of the best exterior masonry paints available, it can help to make the whole project slightly easier. High-quality paint tends to require less effort when you’re painting and it will hide imperfections easier, leaving you with a smoother, more uniform, professional appearance. Usually, a good paint will require fewer coats and less retouching to look good too.

Much longer lasting

As you may expect, when you invest in a high-performance paint, it will be much more durable than a cheaper version and this is undeniably beneficial when you’re painting the exterior of your home. Whilst a tin of high-quality exterior paint may cost you more upfront, in the long run, it will be much more cost-effective and it is always a worthwhile investment.

Less visible wear and tear

The best exterior masonry paints are designed to be durable and this is undeniably essential when you’re painting the outside of a property. Of course, the exterior of your home will experience a lot of general wear and tear, but when you use a quality paint, this will be much less visible. You will likely find that a good exterior paint is much easier to keep clean and looking its best all year round too.

Provides protection to your property

Exterior paints are designed to be weather resistant and they will be able to withstand any of the natural elements thrown at them. When you use a high-quality paint, you won’t have to worry about the effects that rain, wind, sleet and snow have on your home, and you can think of the paint as an added layer of protection.

As well as providing weather protection, the best exterior masonry paint is breathable too, so it will allow moisture to escape whilst at the same time reducing the risk of moisture penetrating the surface and getting into your home causing all sorts of damage with damp and mould.

Reduces required maintenance

More often than not, you can expect a high-quality exterior paint to last for up to a decade when the surface is prepped properly and it is applied correctly. So, you won’t have the hassle, and the added expense, of having to repaint your home’s exterior every couple of years. In fact, you can expect much less maintenance in general and you won’t have to deal with the paint cracking and flaking only a few months after you applied it.

Investing in the best exterior masonry paint

Ultimately, there is no denying that it is always worthwhile spending a little bit more when you’re purchasing exterior paint for your home and you will definitely thank yourself in the long run for doing so. There are so many amazing brands to choose from, such as Dulux and Leyland or Zinsser and Bedec, so you will never have to compromise on things such as colour, texture and finish when investing in a better quality paint too, you will have a huge selection.

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