The Importance Of Preparing Your Room For Painting

When deciding to paint the walls of any room in your home, many will assume it is a pretty straightforward thing to do. Often, homeowners will simply head out to a local DIY shop, purchase some paintbrushes and the paint they need before getting to work straight away. Whilst painting isn’t much more complicated than this and homeowners are right to assume that it is an easy thing to do, many people make one common mistake; overlooking the preparation.

Arguably, the preparation stages are the most important when painting the walls in your home and far too many think that they can get away with skipping this step. People think that it is pointless or that it doesn’t actually make a difference, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Next time you decide to spruce up your decor with a lick of paint, you should ensure that you have done all required preparation work and here’s why;

Stop it looking from a DIY job

Ultimately, when you prepare before you paint, you can prevent the finished look from being an obvious DIY job. If you have ever seen a bad paint job before you will know just how easy it is to spot and usually, homeowners are left with this disappointing look simply because they didn’t put any time or attention into the preparation stages.

Smooth finish without imperfections

Whilst paint does have the ability to transform a space, it is important to remember that it is thin and it won’t change the texture of a wall. If you have any cracks or chips in your wall, they will be visible through the new layer/s of paint. The only way to get a smooth finish without any imperfection is to prepare with something like Polycell multi-purpose filler.

Reduce the number of touch-ups required

It is no secret that when a wall has been correctly prepped for painting, it won’t require as many touch-ups over time. You may have noticed that your paint has peeled or chipped in the past and often, this is because the wall wasn’t cleaned before being painted and a primer wasn’t used. These two preparation steps can make such a big difference to the lifespan of your job.

Prevent multiple coats being needed

Depending on the colour that you’re painting over and the type of paint you’re using, you may find that multiple coats are required. This is undeniably frustrating, time-consuming and costly. Prepping a dark wall with a white wall paint before using a lighter colour can help to prevent multiple coats being needed. Using a simple Dulux white paint will do the job.

Ensures other areas are protected

All homeowners will know how easy it is for the paint to accidentally get onto the skirting board or window frames. When you don’t prepare properly and protect these areas you will be making so much more work for yourself. It is likely that you will have to go round and paint over all of these mistakes, but you could’ve simply used tape to protect them in the first place.

End up being both time and cost-effective

Many avoid the preparation stages because they think they will take too much time and be an unnecessary expense, however, it is likely that they will be both time and cost-effective in the long run. Often, without preparation, you will be disappointed with the finished look and want to paint the walls all over again, meaning you’re right back to square one.

Preparing your room for painting

All in all, there is no denying that preparing a room for painting really is important and whilst it can be tempting to overlook these initial stages, you really shouldn’t. Even though the preparation work can be quite boring, you can guarantee that you will thank yourself in the long run for not making the mistake of overlooking it. When you have a professional finish to your room, you will agree that it is always worthwhile.

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