How To Choose The Right Interior Paint Finish

Painting the walls inside your home may seem like a relatively straightforward task, and it is one that homeowners undertake frequently, but there is actually quite a lot to consider before you begin the painting process. From deciding on a colour and picking a brand to use to buying the correct paintbrush and choosing the best finish, there are many decisions to make along the way, often before you even step foot inside a homeware store.

Unless you’re a professional painter and decorator, it is likely that until you start shopping around for the interior wall paint you need for your home, you weren’t aware that there are multiple different finishes available. The finish you choose can actually make a big difference to the overall look of the wall you’re painting, so it is important not to overlook this. To help any homeowners who are trying to choose the right interior wall paint finish, below is some information that may come in handy.

High-gloss finish

As the name suggests, this finish is glossy and very shiny. Due to this, it is considered to be one of the easiest wall paints to clean, making it perfect for areas in the home that experience lots of wear and tear. You may not want to paint a whole room with high-gloss paint though as it can be quite overwhelming, instead it is perfect for things like kitchen cabinets and door frames.

It is worth noting that high-gloss paint is quite tricky to apply and prep work is incredibly important as it shows up any imperfections.

Semi-gloss finish

This is a step down from the high-gloss finish but it still has a fair amount of shine to it. If you’re looking for something durable but that isn’t too eye-catching then this finish is a happy medium. Many choose to have a semi-gloss finish in their kitchens and bathroom because it is easy to clean and brilliant in rooms that have high moisture levels.

If you’re wanting to make a particular part of your interior design stand out, such as a feature wall, a semi-gloss finish is also good for this when used in contrast with another finish.  

Satin/silk finish

Many homeowners choose this finish when painting their walls and it is probably the most popular choice. This finish sits comfortably in the middle of the spectrum and is the best all-rounder. It is still easy to clean and is slightly light reflecting but you could easily paint the whole of living space or a bedroom with this finish.

This is another finish that requires a lot of care and attention when painting though as brush strokes can be visible. Also, be aware that lumps and bumps in the wall may also be seen.  

Eggshell/soft sheen finish

If you’d prefer something that isn’t shiny then an eggshell finish, also called a soft sheen finish, is a better choice for you. Again, this is a popular choice for wall paint in everyday areas, such as dining rooms and bedrooms, because it hides imperfections in the walls better than any of the other finishes mentioned above.

As you may expect, because this wall paint finish doesn’t have the shine to it, it isn’t as easy to clean. However, it is still fairly durable.

Flat/matte finish

Lastly, a flat finish, also referred to as a matte finish, is another one which is fairly self-explanatory. This finish is known for providing the best coverage and it also doesn’t reflect light like the other options making it the best finish if you want to hide imperfections. It works really well on both walls and ceilings too.

Of course, because there is no gloss in this finish, it can be more difficult to clean and for this reason, you may want to avoid using this wall paint in a kitchen or a children’s playroom.

Choosing the right paint for your walls

Now you know a little bit more about the different finishes you can get for interior wall paint and which finish is most commonly used in each room of the house hopefully, you will find it a little bit easier to narrow down the options available. These days, the vast majority of brands will provide the colour of paint you would like in many different finishes, so you shouldn’t struggle to find the combination you’re looking for.

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