What You Need To Know About Paint For Ceilings

When redecorating or simply freshening up your home with a lick of paint, it can be incredibly easy to overlook your ceilings. Many won’t repaint their ceilings at all during their time owning a property but, often when your walls have been freshly painted, your ceilings will start to look a bit tatty and tired. So, it is well worth looking into ceiling paint and giving them the TLC that they so desperately need.

Of course, if you have never painted a ceiling before, it is likely that you will have a few questions and you may not even know what type of paint you need to purchase. Don’t worry, our team at Decor Express are here to help. Below, we have put together a basic guide covering everything that you need to know about paint for ceilings and hopefully, the information below will come in handy.


The types of paint you can use on your ceiling


You can actually use more than one type of paint for ceilings and here are the different options that you have;


  • Ceiling paint


As you may expect, this is the most popular and commonly used type of paint for ceilings. It has been specifically designed for ceilings, meaning it is much thicker and more durable than other interior paints that you may have used previously on your walls. Ceiling paint has brilliant coverage too, so if you’re trying to cover dark stains, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.


  • Flat latex interior paint


Many homeowners aren’t aware that you can actually use a standard latex interior paint on your ceilings. This can be a good choice if you’re also wanting to touch up other areas of your home with the same colour, you can then make good use of the whole pot of paint. However, you should be aware that because this type of paint isn’t as thick, it may drip whilst you’re painting.


  • Textured paint


It isn’t uncommon for properties to have textured ceilings and if this is a look that you’re interested in, you should consider a textured paint instead. It is important to note that this ceiling paint is what’s used to create texture, not what is used to freshen up already textured ceilings. If your ceiling is already textured, you’re best to look at the latex paint mentioned above.


The different finishes available for ceiling paint


The majority of ceiling paint will have a flat/matte finish. As you may already know if you have read our previous blog about paint finishes, this is perfect for ceilings because it doesn’t reflect light and it will hide any imperfections. It is likely that with a flat/matte finish, you won’t need to refresh the ceiling paint very often either. However, there are other finishes available too;  


  • Eggshell/soft sheen finish


If homeowners don’t use a flat/matte finish, it is likely that they will opt for an eggshell/soft sheen finish instead, this is the second most popular option. It still absorbs most of the light making it perfect for ceilings, however, it has a slight sheen to it.


  • Satin/silk finish


This is probably the third option for homeowners and many turn to a satin/silk finish if they’re going to be using the same pot of paint on both their walls and ceiling. This finish is often considered to be a good all-rounder and it is still a great option for ceiling paint.


Purchasing paint for ceilings


Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial to you when you’re wanting to paint the ceilings in your home. You should now find it much easier to purchase the paint you need to give your ceilings a new lease of life and no matter what finish or colour you’re looking for, you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect pot of paint for the job. Of course, should you require any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Here at Decor express, as well as offering painting advice, we can also provide you with the correct ceiling paint that you need for this job as well as any paint brushes/rollers and accessories too. You can either purchase from the comfort of your own home via our website or you can pop into our store to get what you need. No matter which way you shop, you can trust that we will provide you with nothing but high-quality products.